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About Symbiant

Corporate Solutions with a personal touch.

Supplying bespoke solutions to a variety of industries for almost 20 years.

  • Services for Telecom Resellers
  • Software Development
  • Services for Energy Suppliers
  • Multi-industry Big Data and CRM Solutions

From SMEs to large corporations, regardless of industry type, our team of highly trained developers and consultants will ensure we meet your requirements and help your business maximise its profitability by increasing its income, minimising costs and supporting activities to increase efficiency.

Symbiant Services

Corporate capabilities, Personal touch

Services for Telecom Resellers

Keeping resellers ahead of the market for nearly 20 years. A comprehensive system with full capabilities.

Our Energy Contract Service provides the opportunity to build on your trusted customer relations to generate a worthwile and recurring additional income line.

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Services for Energy Suppliers

Proven systems that have supported the Customer Acquisition Programmes of other suppliers since 2010.

Our flexible Gas and Electricity billing solution provides the industry with a genuine alternative to the historic billing solutions in place.

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Bespoke Software Development

Getting the right solution first time, everytime. Our team have experience totalling over 50 years, utilising that knowledge during the development of your solution.

We believe in listening to our clients, giving our software the personal touch, delivering what they want, not what an IT person thinks you need.

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Multi-industry Big Data and CRM Solutions

How confident are you that when your customers contact you they are getting a high quality and consistent level of service?

Do you give your staff quick and easy access to information, systems to help them satisfy customer requirement and triggers to maximise up-sell opportunities?

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Services for Telecom Resellers

Billing and CRM Service

SymBill has been developed over the past 20 years and offers a modular solution, including:

  • Billing all telecom related products.
  • Automated processes.
  • Flexible tariff structures.
  • White-label billing.
  • Customer and portfolio margin reporting.
  • Fraud protection and excess usage reporting.
  • Integration with wholesale provisioning platforms.
  • Back Office interaction.

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Services for Energy Suppliers

Acquisition support And Billing systems:

At Symbiant Technologies we have proven systems that have supported business energy suppliers to effectively manage in excess of 80,000 new energy contracts. Our solutions include:

  • Broker Portal, with a built-in price checking capability.
  • Sales partner commission function, with clawback capability.
  • Pre-live sales partner and customer communication.
  • Contract renewal reporting.
  • Billing for Business and Domestic customers
  • Automated interfaces to industry systems
  • Adaptable tariff structures
  • Back-office interaction
  • Maximising your cost recovery and profitability.

2018 saw a significant number of supplier failures, but such failures can present opportunities to others to offer services to the thousands of customers currently being served under Supplier of Last Resort arrangements. Our systems are designed to support customer acquisition programmes.

Want to find out more? Please call us on 01227 455002. We will be delighted to explain our services in more detail to see how we can help support your business growth.
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Multi-industry Big Data and CRM Services

Ensuring your data is secure and managed

We all know that it is far more expensive to attract new customers than it is to retain those you already have – what are your customer retention rates and why do customers stop using your services?

How much information do your systems currently give you about your customers? For example, how many times do they contact you, by what method, for what reasons and what have been the outcomes of those enquiries? How happy are they with the service they receive and their overall impression of your business?

An effective CRM system can help you to use customer data to help you plan the best marketing and sales activities. This should enable you to:

  1. Get more emails read by personalising their content
  2. Save time by automating tasks
  3. Get to know your customers better by understanding their data

Data can help build Key Performance Indicator measures to help you better assess factors affecting your business performance. You can then put in place suitable action plans to address any areas of concern and look to automate any recurring activities to reduce your operating costs.

If you would like to speak with us to see if our Database and CRM Services might be of might be of benefit to your business

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Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

Our developers have a total of over 50 years' development experience across many development languages and hardware platforms. The fundamental to successful delivery of software, that meets the needs of our clients, is taking the time to fully understand our clients' requirements.

Everyone’s needs are different so the solutions we develop need to be adaptable to those needs.

At all stages of the development lifecycle we keep our clients fully informed on progress with the opportunity to refine your requirements to deliver a solution that fully meets your needs.

We would welcome the chance to speak with you and to discuss if we can support your software needs

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